Hardstyle Music United is a record label from Italy founded in 2003 and resposible for many hardstyle hits. Thanks for your visit. Take a look on our website to find out more about our hardstyle artists or contact us for any of your questions or send us your demo

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November 6th, 2019|

Our label is back in business! With our new branding we will bring you new fresh and epic hardstyle music that will make a difference in the scene. Operating on two catalogues (sublabels) and a third one to be announced soon. That also means that from now on, we will be accepting demo's again. So are you, or do you know a producer that is ready to take their career into the next level? Send us your best hardstyle demo and you might shine on an international platform soon!


October 15th, 2018|

Next up on our label: ‘I Like It Raw’ by Re-1st . By reaching out to the rough side without getting into darkness this track reminds of the 2009-2011 sounds which caused a new era of hardstyle. With the ongoing drive and a creative use of vocals and sounds, this track will definitely put  a smile on your pretty bassface 🙂


April 15th, 2018|

Sad times for all people contributing or (have been) participating in the hardstyle scene. The Italian hardstyle legend Zenith, and CEO of our label died at the age of 43. Federico Franchi,  has personally contributed to create and shape the contemporary hardstyle. With this news many fans and fellow artists leave in tears and disbelief. Out of respect for family and friends our label will have a period of grieve and take time to see if, and in what way our label will continue  distributing music to the amazing hardstyle scene.

Our hardstyle label brought many of today’s established hardstyle artists like Tatanka, Bass Modulators, Da Tweekaz and many more.  While maintaining quality of our productions we always try to keep the scene fresh and motivate our artists to follow their musical instincts instead of copying popular movements in the scene. Browse to our website and find out more about our legendary and infamous hardstyle label. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information at our contact page.

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